Mr. Jayne Trades Badge for a Teaching Career

Going from an investigator to a high school world history is a big transition in all sorts of ways. From being able to get into someone’s head and have a connection with them in order to get them to tell the truth, to explain the history of the Chinese dynasties, Mr. Jayne made the choice to leave the interrogating world for the historical one.

His interest on becoming an investigator began when he was in college, he was learning about it in one of his psychology classes and it caught his attention. Once he received his certifications and degrees, Mr. Jayne worked for big companies such as Sports Authority and Best Buy, he was the one in charge of hiring new employees by profiling them. He was also the one setting up surveillances, such as CCTV systems.

“What I enjoyed the most was the interrogations,” said Mr. Jayne. “This is because I’m certified in Interrogations by Wicklande-Zulawski; it’s a company that teaches you certain techniques.”

Wicklande-Zulawski teaches techniques while conducting an interrogation, so that the investigator has an psychological upper hand on the subject. The techniques he used made him in control of the subject, the one being interrogated, and he knew how to dominate them.

For a time he was working for Wicklande-Zulawski and he was in charge of hiring people like him for his district, which were a group investigators that worked to prevent profit loss. This is where he taught them some techniques for when they had to interrogate, such as the position in which he placed the subject – facing them towards the wall so that they had no way of lying while they are being interrogated.

“While I was an investigator I had to get into people head’s all the time,” said Mr. Jayne.  “I would first do some research on the subjects to see what their lifestyle was like and find a way to gain their trust.”

Mr. Jayne’s transition from being an investigator to a world history teacher really began with the birth of his oldest son. This was because being an investigator started to get a bit dangerous and involved a vast amount of traveling. As he began to have a family, he was becoming more protective of his family and himself, because so many people were contacting him and sometimes harassing him. Usually these were people that he went to trial with.

He chose to be a world history teacher because he enjoys teaching and world history. He has now taught for nine years and the thought of going back to an investigator doesn’t cross his mind.