Ringing in the New Year with a Quiet Bell

Students exhausted from the switch in their sleep schedule were in for a surprise when they walked onto campus; the bells were inaudible and word on the cause spread from ear to ear like wild fire. Everyone was concerned with whether they would be able to make it to class on time or if the bells would continue to whisper the signal for class change.

According to Dr. Weigel, the bell malfunction is due to glitches in the updated PA system. The system was updated in order to correlate with the new room numbers. The secretaries will no longer have to flip through pages of teacher locators to get in touch with them.

In some classrooms, the bell is too loud while in others there is not a sound. A mechanic this week will be rewiring the PA system with the fire alarm system and adjusting the volume of the bell, while keeping the same tone students are used to. This should get the system restored to its full capabilities within the week said Dr. Weigel.