Chills of The Vortex

The second semester has begun, winter break is over, seniors are ready to leave, and a polar vortex has rolled into Florida. Many students may be asking, “What is a polar vortex and what does it do?” Well, a polar vortex is a large-scale cyclone located near either of the geographical poles that makes the temperature decrease  more than usual.

The Polar Vortex has been breaking temperature records in southern and eastern parts of the U.S. Many people in Florida may have been complaining about the drastic weather change, but in reality, Florida is getting it the easiest compared to other states like Georgia, which had temperatures that fell from 8 to 6 degrees in the early mornings.

Even if we are the luckiest state thats’s dealing with the polar vortex, many other students have their own opinion.

“I actually like it,” said sophomore Jasmine Machuca, “Florida needs a little cold weather once in a while.”

There were even opinions that looked at the vortex a little more differently than others.

“I’ve always wanted some cold weather here in Florida, but this is something else.” said Christian Beuter, sophomore.

With the vortex passing the states, we’ll see how much more of this can affect Florida.