Patriotism In The Wrong Way

Commercials are meant to make you want to buy a product, not wage war.

After the Coca-Cola “America the Beautiful” commercial aired during the Super Bowl, it caused a huge online war. The commercial portrays multiple children of different ethnicities singing along to “America the Beautiful” in their own language. While it’s supposed to show unity and the world’s love for Coca-Cola, it’s caused racial comments all across the web.

Many Americans have felt that the song has been ruined, and that nobody but Americans should be singing it especially in English. Many angry viewers made tweets saying “Never buying coke again,” or “We speak english.” While there were viewers that were angry about the commercial, there were others who supported it.

“I believe the commercial not only lets people feel their apart of America, but also lets people be proud of where they came from,” said Coach T. “It’s a shame to see there are people who find the commercial offensive and to see such disgusting comments on the web.”