Can CVS Make an Even Better Move?

CVS has recently announced that they are removing all tobacco based products by the beginning of October this year. Because of this change, the company is losing a sum of $2 billion dollars in revenues.

President and CEO of CVS, Larry J. Merlo, has been wishing to make CVS pharmacy a different kind of market that promotes life and a healthier living. After a move like removing cigarettes, many critics suggest that the removal of alcohol would make sense. Their point being, if CVS wishes to promote healthier living, they may as well remove any product that can lead to death.

“I think it’s a great move for CVS to remove tobacco products,” said Nurse Shockley. “I actually have a thing against pharmacies that sell products like tobacco or alcohol. If they remove alcohol as well, I believe it would cause an even greater impact.”

The removal of alcohol would cause a huge impact on society showing that tobacco and alcohol based products aren’t a necessity for the average life.

“If they removed alcohol along with tobacco products, it would be a great move for society all in general.” said substitute teacher, Mr. Kerchit. “I mean, come on, it’s a pharmacy that provides products to help [healthy] living, but also provides products that end up killing people. That’s a contradiction right there.”

It may not be cost effective for CVS, but it would help the image they are trying to build for the pharmacy. If an alcohol move would or is in the plans, many are sure there would be many supporters for their movement.