Course Selection: A Glance into the Future


As the school year is coming to a close, preparation for next year is already in progress. Course selection is a huge part of preparation for next year as students decide what classes they wish to take. It also depends on what classes students need to take in order to graduate high school.

New courses will be added like Creative Writing which was removed a couple years ago but is being brought back due to popular demand. A course is usually added or removed due to the demand, the amount of students who are willing to actually take the course, and the teachers willing to teach it.

“Its a huge part of preparation for next year, but it doesn’t drive anybody crazy in the office. It’s just like any other job we do.” said Ms. Renda, the 10th grade guidance counselor.

Even with the excitement of seeing what classes a student can take next year, it’s also something that they should be careful with. Students must remember their requirements to graduate whether its taking an art, language, or academic class.

“It’s cool that course selection is here,” said junior Chad Lyman, “but it sucks for the fact that certain kids got to do their required classes instead of taking the electives they want to take.”

There’s also the fear of students choosing a class that they’re not going to like at all. The student could change it later, but it could sometimes be a long process.

“It’s something every student has to be careful with while doing” said junior Jason Fisher. “If they get into a class that they don’t like, they’re going to have to deal with switching out and sometimes it takes a while.”

With the school year coming to a close, everyone awaits for what classes they’ll end up with next year.