AICE Replaces AP Composition

Students wishing to take AP English Composition will no longer have that option as of next year. Instead, they will be able to take AICE English Language.

AICE courses generally have higher passing rates than AP courses. They also tend to focus more on writing than AP classes. Both classes offer students the opportunity to receive college credit.

Dr. Weigel hopes to eventually replace all honors courses with AICE courses. However, AP courses will not completely go away and will continue to be available.

“If I can expose my students to a variety of rigorous courses that can offer them college credit, I will do that,” said Dr. Weigel.

Earlier this year, a few classes were replaced by their AICE equivalents such as AP Spanish and World History Honors. Other AP classes are expected to be replaced by AICE courses, such as AP World History.

It is likely that no one will know exactly what courses will be offered next school year until the first week of school.