Italy, France, and Emergency Landings

Spring break is the time of year when students get to clear their minds right before they head back into a world of stressful exams. Many go to the beach, some catch in on some sleep, and others go to Europe.

This is the 8th year that Mrs. Sunset has taken students on her non-official Europe trip. This year, five chaperones (including history teachers Mrs. Sheridan and Mrs. Weber), two moms, and thirty-two kids traveled to Italy, France, and England- a slightly different environment from last year’s trip in Switzerland, Italy, and Germany.

“Traveling just opens up your horizons,” said Mrs. Sunset, “You get to see different cultures and get to know kids that you probably would have never gotten to know before.”

The Winter Castle, Eiffel Tower, and the Vatican were just a few of the many famous landmarks they visited. They also saw historical treasures such as the Mona Lisa and London Eye.

“We had a couple of bumps in the road,” said junior Shannon Lechon, “But it was a great trip overall. England was a lot more different than I expected. It’s very city-like and a lot less historical, but I enjoyed it more than I thought because all of the other places we went to were very historical, so it was fun to just wander a place that big and relax.”

Although the trip was fun and games, there were some minor setbacks. On their return back home, an emergency landing was issued due to low air pressure in the cabin. According to Mrs. Sunset, the kids who were asleep were affected the most. They were treated by the EMTS with oxygen for loss of pressure on their ears and sinuses, but no one was severely injured.

“It wasn’t that scary,” said junior Madison Harte. “But it didn’t help that the oxygen masks didn’t drop. They made up for it with some snacks.”

Next year’s Europe trip is scheduled to be in England, Ireland, and Whales, and there’s an informational meeting April 10th.

“We’re going to get to see more than just cities,” said Sunset, “Ireland’s got a lot of rural countryside with sheep and daffodils.”