Say Goodbye to Windows XP

After being around for 12 years, Microsoft will no longer support Windows XP. The company will cease to send security updates to this version of Windows, causing those who use this software to switch to newer versions or face security risks and viruses.

If you think Windows XP is barely used and just remains on the ancient computers in the back of people’s closets and garages; you’re wrong.

According to CNN, about 95% of bank ATMs run on Windows XP. Additionally, NetMarketShare’s figures show that 30% of Windows users are running Windows XP worldwide.

When Microsoft sent out updates to Windows XP, it stopped hackers from taking advantage of holes in the system, but now these holes will no longer be patched, allowing hackers to take full advantage.

According to Microsoft, not many older computers can run the most latest version of Windows, Windows 8.1. It is recommended to switch if your computer can run this version, and if not, they advise shopping for a new computer.

If you’re willing to make the change to Windows 8 from XP and are eligible for it, Microsoft is giving $100 worth of credit to help pay.