Boston At Its Strongest

It has been a year since the Boston Marathon bombing took place. What was just a nice and normal day for a marathon, became a tragic site for many watching and participating as two bombs were set off during the event. Three spectators were killed and 200  people who attended the event were injured.

Although the men behind the bombing of the Boston Marathon were caught, civilians were still left scarred. After the event the slogan, “Boston Strong” has been used to describe how many of Boston’s citizens have been staying strong even after going through such a horrific experience.

“I think that the marathon shows how resilient runners and determined runners are,” said Mr.Woods. “For many people a marathon is just 26 miles, but there are emotional miles some runners had to run through.”

One year later and “Boston Strong” is still the slogan that many Boston citizens use today to show their strength to push through the tragic memory. Prayers go out to Boston and in hope that Boston will always stay “Boston Strong.”