Apple’s New MacBooks Even Cheaper

Apple has just announced their new line of MacBook Air laptops. Not only are they an upgrade of last year’s editions, but they start off at an even cheaper base price than its predecessors.

Two models will be sold, starting with the 11 inch MacBook Air that comes with 128GB of memory for a base price of $899. Then, there’s the 13 inch model with 256GB of memory for slightly higher base price of $1,199.

Spec-wise it’s not much of a technological jump as last year’s model had. The screen resolution is the same as last year’s screen for the Air models. The models will have a 1.4GHZ intel Core i5, which isn’t a big jump from last year’s model either.

Even though there may not be many changes to the models’ performance, it’s set to an even cheaper price, knocking $100 dollars off the usual starting price. These models will be released today at all Apple stores.