TOMS From Target


Marie Bobb, Staff Writer

People took a break from talking about the famous “Alex from Target” and are now crazing about Target selling TOMS.

TOMS are shoes that not only look great but help out in the world too – buying one pair of these shoes will help a child in need get a pair of shoes also. TOMS are usually only sold at select stores, but now Target is selling these helpful shoes.

According to the Target website, for each item you purchase from November 16th until March 12th, you can donate to the less fortunate. Donating $1 will secure 9 meals on behalf of local food banks to Feeding America, and donating $5 (the monetary equivalent of one blanket) will go to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief by TOMS.

These shoes are not only affordable but they’re super cute and comfortable. Both boys and girls of all ages can rock these shoes, even babies. Buying these shoes will not only help you look great but you’ll be helping people in need. TOMS are not the easiest shoes to find and they’re only at Target for a limited time.

“Toms being at Target is great. I’m definitely going to get a pair now that they’re more attainable.” said Ashley Jean, a junior.

TOMS shoes are the perfect chance to get your loved ones a Christmas gift and give back at the same time.