Students Become Teachers on AVID Awareness Day

Angelina Garcia

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February 9, 2016

AVID Awareness Day was held on January 28th in the media center. LINK Crew and AVID students got together to teach both students and teachers about what AVID has to offer.

Students made posters that were on display, which explained what AVID is and what it focuses on, as well as what AVID students do in class. There were also pamphlets and booklets about different colleges and universities, and also plenty of memorabilia to get students excited for their future.

“AVID awareness is important because I think a lot of people really don’t know what the AVID students do day-to-day in their class,” said Ms. Moe. “Or how important is it to gain the skills that they will need in the future for college or career.”

AVID students learn about topics such as organization, reading, writing, inquiry and collaboration.

Students and teachers who attended had the opportunity to look through information in books and packets about colleges, seminars, and AVID binders.