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Unpopular Opinion: Quinces are Overrated

America D. Moreno
Table of candies decorated with festive colors at my Quince.

Hey loves,

I have a very unpopular opinion, and don’t hate me for saying it: Quinces are a lot of work to plan, and after all the planning and stress, the night of the event is not as fun as we expect it to be.

I talked to some friends, and they agreed that they mostly did it for their family and that they didn’t have fun on their quince night.
Although the process is simple, it consists of picking out your dress, playlist, and court outfits.

Personally, I said yes to the first dress I tried on, and everyone in my family agreed to it.

When picking out court outfits, it’s better to listen to everyone and consider different perspectives. A court is made up of friends that you choose to accompany you. It can consist of boys and girls, and in Spanish, they are called damas for the girls and chambelanes for the guys. Some of my damas didn’t feel comfortable wearing cropped shirts, so we got shirts that could be tied up, and I feel that compromise worked better for everyone.

The surprise dance is the most stressful part of the party, especially if it’s last minute. Mine was, and we kind of struggled to come up with moves. Thanks to my mom’s knowledge of a lot of people, we found a choreographer at the last minute to help us. I suggest planning at least a year or a few months ahead, especially if your choreography is long.

I didn’t know most of my damas and chambelanes; most of them I just randomly went up to and asked if they wanted to be in it. It was my freshman year, so I didn’t know a lot of people. But throughout our practices, we got pretty close. Don’t be shy to ask people; otherwise, it’s going to take forever to start practices, and you’ll just waste time.

In many quinces, the DJ always messes up the order or the song that’s supposed to be played. So I advise trying to find a professional with good reviews and sending your playlist a couple of months before.

I was so stressed out on the night of my party, thinking I would mess up my dance. I almost did, but I caught up to the steps. The bow on my dress had come off, but I just kept dancing. Mistakes will happen the night of your event, and that’s okay. It doesn’t have to be perfect. I ran around the whole night, taking pictures and talking to people. I didn’t even have time to eat the whole night. It was crazy, and we didn’t clean up till 3 am. By the time I went to grab food, everything was cold and taken.

Although it was very stressful, I still had fun during some parts. I’m very grateful I could celebrate with friends and family. So, if you’re thinking about doing a quince, do it; just have fun, and don’t overthink it.

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America D. Moreno
America D. Moreno, Staff Writer
Hi, my name is America. This is my first year in The Tribe. I love going to the beach and shopping. My favorite seasons are winter and autumn.

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