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Santaluces High School

The Tribe

Santaluces High School

The Tribe

Johnny and I at the airport before I left for Honduras

Don’t Drink and Drive

Vanessa Lara Mendoza, Staff Writer September 19, 2023

My brother’s name is Johnny, named after our father. He was a bright 19-year-old and had so much ahead of him. He was one of the few people in the world who made me feel important and loved. He made...

An example of what a routine looks like

Make a Routine

Cindy Apolonio Romero, Staff Writer September 18, 2023

As a student, your daily life can be difficult to manage. Students all over the world deal with school and extracurriculars. I encourage all students who may be struggling to fit everything they do into...

Photo of Damion Nosistel at Sir Cutz Barbershop getting a taper fade.

Journey to Getting Waves

Damion Nosistel, Staff Writer September 15, 2023

The waves hairstyle became popular in the late 90s in the African-American Community. Getting waves consists of many steps like brushing, washing, and using certain products. Below these steps are listed...

Title screen for Goodbye Volcano High

Goodbye Volcano High: A Comprehensive Review

Victor Rosales Reyes, Staff Writer September 14, 2023

Goodbye Volcano High has to be one of my favorite interactive games I've played in forever, and it's incredible how the game touches on and draws attention to all of its themes. Goodbye Volcano High has...

Senioritis visualized in the classroom

Senioritis: The Ironic “Disease” Plaguing Seniors

Bryanne Elie, Editor September 11, 2023

You would think that after all of the hard work that has been dedicated for the past eleven years in the school system, most Seniors would be motivated to finish strongly to obtain their degree amongst...

The Struggles In Starting A Business

The Struggles In Starting A Business

Delilah Linan, Staff Writer September 4, 2023

After reading 'What It's Like Starting My First Business,' I decided to write my own take on what having a business at a young age really requires. I've been doing nails for the past few years on and off...

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What It’s Like Starting My First Business

Deanna Isaac , Staff Writer August 24, 2023

Starting a business is not an easy task for many. I was nervous about starting one because I had a thought in the back of my head about whether people would even buy or support my business. However, I...

Class of 2025 sophomore section at the first pep rally of the 2022-2023 school year!

How My Sophomore Year Impacted Me

Vanessa Lara Mendoza, Staff Writer August 24, 2023

My sophomore year was full of love and laughter, hard work and heartbreak, days where I couldn’t stop crying, and days where I wouldn't stop laughing. Sophomore year consisted of more than just schoolwork...

Student yelling at another student.

Why Do People Shout In Arguments

Jalisha Rowen, Staff Writer August 24, 2023

Do you ever wonder why people shout during arguments? So do I. Shouting is not a topic that surprises many people because almost everybody across the globe has shouted once in their lifetime. It's not...

Im forever grateful for the memories that Ive created the last four years.

The Last Four Years of my Life

Azzurra Degliuomini, Editor May 15, 2023

I knew of the quote, "Your high school years are going to fly by." Everyone was telling me this when I first entered high school and I knew that high school was going to be a blip of my life that was going...

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