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A picture of me when I was around five years old.

A Product Of Her Environment

Estephania Cherilus, Staff Writer December 21, 2021

Before I grew to understand what a healthy family was, I thought my family was healthy. I was wrong. I saw Ann's mother kiss her after she fell. I saw Johnathan's father tie John's shoes. My father...

My senior portrait.

My School Journey

Chanel Smith, Staff Writer December 20, 2021

The sayings "time goes by fast" or "life moves fast," was something I thought everybody I knew said just because they wanted to say it, but in reality, they meant exactly that: time goes by fast. Just...

Staff Writer Chanel Smith and her younger sister taking a photo together.

The Greatest Blessing My Dad Gave Me

Chanel Smith, Staff Writer December 17, 2021

Back in middle school, I used to stay after school, and many of the other kids who were staying after school with me would get picked up by their older brothers or sisters. It looked so nice having...

A Gift To You From Me

A Gift To You From Me

Marisia Aquino-Woods, Staff Writer December 13, 2021

Hey, my loves. Today, I wanted to touch on the subject of gift-giving. For you, my loves, I put together a quick list of many thoughtful ideas for those who love a little inside joke, or ones who love...

Listing mental illnesses

Suite 360

Chanel Smith, Staff Writer December 7, 2021

Suite 360 is a charterer and development program for parents, teachers, students, and even your neighbor next door. Suite 360 is a program for anybody who needs extra support with conduct and behavior....

The class of 2022 has definitely experienced a high school journey like no other.

The Significance of Being a Senior in 2021

Brian Reache, Staff Writer December 7, 2021

With the pandemic still among us, this school year is not getting any easier. When the pandemic started, I didn't think I or any seniors this year would lose a whole year and a half just like that....

This image demonstrates the unity individuals should have despite sexual orientation.

Is Being Homosexual Genetic Or Environmental?

Melissa Eugene, Club Member November 29, 2021

The term "LGBTQ+" is well-known throughout the world.  This five-letter acronym stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer or questioning, with the plus sign representing sexual identities...

What do you do to manage your stress?

Three Things That Can Help You Manage Stress

Marisia Aquino-Woods, Staff Writer November 9, 2021

Hey, my loves. Today, I decided to take the time and just remind you that it's okay to ask for help; it's okay to take a break every once in a while and just breathe. Especially for many of my seniors...

What it May Look Like to Lose Yourself As Mental Fatigue Slowly Gets the Best of You.

What The Five Letter Word “Tired” May Mean To Some

Melissa Eugene, Club Member November 3, 2021

T.I.R.E.D. The five-letter word that some individuals associate with being exhausted and/or fatigued. However, for some, this five-letter term holds a deeper meaning. The definition of tired can...

Have you ever felt this way before due to a lack of sleep?

The Significance of Sleep

Melissa Eugene, Club Member October 31, 2021

Sleep is something that every human being on Earth necessitates in order to ensure a healthy livelihood. Many individuals fail to realize what the value of sleep has on one’s well-being.  So, what...

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