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Palm Beach County School District COVID-19 Dashboard

COVID-19 Dashboard

Myesha Rahman, Staff Writer

September 24, 2020

 The school district has started a COVID-19 dashboard to keep track of cases across the county. Reported cases from employees and students are being logged according to school or public facility.  Data from students is obtained from the Florida Department of Health in Palm Beach County and data fr...

First Week of Virtual Learning

An empty 8000 hallway as students are at home during the pandemic

Azwad Ahmed, Editor

September 5, 2020

August 31st marked the first day back to school for Palm Beach County. Due to COVID-19, this year was a very different year for students, teachers, and staff.  All classes have started virtually , with teachers using Google Meet to teach their students. Students now have to follow the strict guideline ...

Chiefs See Jane Goodall at FAU

Jane Goodall and Kate Detwiler at FAU

Aliya Linan

April 12, 2019

Over spring break, several teachers and students had the privilege of going to see Dr.Jane Goodall speak at Florida Atlantic University. Jane Goodall is a primatologist known for her observational study of chimpanzees in Tanzania, Africa for the last 50 years. “I thought it was pretty cool because it w...

The Spot – PureWave

This is the Pure Wave Company's logo.

Gabrielle Villanueva, Staff Writer

February 25, 2019

“SUPERCHARGE YOUR CELLS” is a statement that sounds terrifying to the public. This place uses peaceful therapy to help rejuvenate your cells. One of the treatments is called the PureWave treatment, filling the body with good natural waves without any side effects. Our cells are affected by t...

Snowball Dance 2018

Santaluces ESE students

Aliya Linan, Staff Writer

December 14, 2018

The students of SGA hosted the annual Snowball dance for ESE students all around the county. Schools such as Park Vista, Wellington, Royal Palm and John I. Leonard came to this event taken place in the Santaluces gym. Over 250 students and staff members gathered to dance, color, play board games and...

No Sugar Coating: DeSantis vs. Gillum

Andrew Gillum on the Left, Ron DeSantis on the Right

Walkyria Paz, Staff Writer

October 26, 2018

This past Sunday Andrew Gillum and Ron DeSantis went off in their first debate in the race for Florida’s governor. In all honesty, the debate involved a great amount of trash talk, much coming from former U.S. Representative, Ron DeSantis. The debate began with DeSantis calling Gillum a “failed...

Beauty within Wynwood

Beauty within Wynwood

Araceli Velasquez, Staff Writer

September 6, 2018

Tourists that come to Florida usually go to Miami. Most people don't know about Wynwood Walls. The walls within Wynwood are very beautiful and show the creativity that South Florida has to offer. The Wynwood Walls are located at 2520 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127. The Wynwood Walls are free to view but...

The Spot: The Witch’s Wall

The Spot: The Witch's Wall

Gabrielle Villanueva, Staff Writer

August 22, 2018

A hidden road that rose in popularity. People now call it the Palm Beach Coral Cut. Different stories from different centuries still being shared today. The wall seemed inviting for people to take pictures and share memories together. Little did they know that it was haunted. Is the road actually haunted? Are trapped so...

Autism Speaks Car Wash

Autism Speaks Car Wash

Ethan Mansdorf, Photo Editior

February 26, 2018

The Criminal Justice Academy hosted their quarterly car wash this past Saturday, this time the event was held as a fundraiser for the Autism Speaks Foundation in which all the proceeds went directly to the foundation. In the past, the academy has used the car wash to fundraise for all sorts of different...

The Spot: Delray Camera Shop

The Spot: Delray Camera Shop

Ethan Mansdorf, Photo Editor

February 13, 2018

As one of only two camera shops left in the county, Delray Camera Shop has been selling photography equipment since 1965. What was once a flourishing market across the state with 22 shops in South Florida alone, the photography industry is now just a two-shop operation spearheaded by owner, Chris Reich,...

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