Pitch Perfect 3 to be released on December 2017

Jessa Lopez, Staff Writer

Ready for more Barden Bellas?

The third sequel of the big hit movies Pitch Perfect 1 and 2 is expected to hit the theaters next year on December. Even though it is still a year away, many rumors and speculation has been circulating online.

There are rumors of Anna Kendrick (Beca) not being included in the upcoming sequel where fans have expressed disappointment because they couldn’t just imagine Beca being not in the movie. Also, Adam Devine (Bumper) said in an interview that he didn’t receive any call from the production team, and therefore, wasn’t sure if he was coming back. This had fans wondering just what would happen to Bumper and Fat Amy’s blossoming romance?

According to other news articles like E! Online, Anna Kendrick along side her co-stars Rebel Wilson (Fat Amy) and Brittany Snow (Chloe) have already been confirmed to appear at Pitch Perfect 3, but nothing confirmed yet. As for other cast members, Elizabeth Banks (Gail) will be coming back as the new movie director after Trish Sie left her director slot open. Hailee Steinfield (Emily) is said to lead the new Barden Bellas with the help of the old members: Beca, Amy, and Chloe.

Will she be able to continue the Barden Bellas’ unique acapella style and legacy?

Overall, these are all just rumors and should be taken with a grain of salt, nothing is yet confirmed.

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