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Grad Bash Do’s & Dont’s

Katrina Ho
Projection at Universal Stuidos

This past Friday, April 19th, Santaluces was one of many high schools to attend Grad Bash, a trip to Universal Studios that celebrates graduates. After going, I found out several things that I’d like to share for anyone who’d like to go.

Do: Bring a blanket or jacket on the bus

It was very cold on the bus and depending on what school you go to, it is a very long drive. Having a blanket or jacket on you can help you stay warm, especially on the ride back so you can sleep more comfortably.

Dont: Overpack

You may feel like you’ll need to bring a bunch of stuff but you’ll likely use half of or even less of what you bring. You are not in the park for long and are spending more time on rides than lounging around. Most schools got there around 8 pm and everything closed at 1:30 or 2 am. Those 6 hours do not justify bringing a lot of things. Many people were fine without bags or left a lot of their stuff on the bus. Additionally, you’ll probably buy merchandise which is another weight on yourself so don’t make your experience worse by carrying a lot of stuff.

Do: Eat first

This may sound crazy but eating food first ended up being a wise decision. After a long bus ride with small snacks, you’re going to be hungry. The best thing you can do is eat right away to prevent being “hangry” later. My group and I went on less intense rides after we ate to not upset our stomachs and with all the walking and long lines you’ll have to endure, you’ll likely digest pretty quickly.

Don’t: Travel in a large group

As the night started, I was in a group of 11 people. While it started fine, it became apparent that we all wanted different things so we eventually split up to do our own activities. This ended up being a really good decision as everyone got what they wanted and we still got to occasionally meet up throughout the night. We also had a group chat so that we could meet up and update each other on everything. Don’t feel like you need to follow everything with the group you’re with. Not everyone can be pleased in a large group so separating from time to time can prevent arguments, resentment, and wasting time.

Do: Wear comfortable clothes

This is more subjective because if you aren’t going to do that much and are mostly there for the photos/aesthetic it doesn’t apply to you. But if you’re there for the rides, then definitely wear clothes that won’t weigh you down and shoes that give you enough support.

Don’t: Skip rides because the wait time is long

Many people become discouraged to go on their desired ride because the wait time is long but remember that these are estimates. When you’re in line with friends, the time does go by quickly and is usually less than the predicted amount. If you really want to go on a certain ride, I say go for it because the popular, intense rides tend to close earlier in the night so go on it before it’s too late.

Do: Get the Grad Bash refillable cup

By the end of the night, almost my entire friend group had the cup. With the initial cost of $10, you can refill your cup with any drink, including slushies, every 10 minutes for the rest of the night for free. This cup was super convenient and kept me hydrated throughout the night. It has a very supportive lid but the only con is that in rides with small lockers the drinks could spill when placed on their body. So to prevent this, try to empty it before you go on rides with lockers so that it doesn’t spill on your personal belongings. Also, if you’re sharing a locker with several people who have the cup, remember the order they were put in to prevent getting the wrong one.

Most of all, have fun. This event is meant to celebrate all of your achievements after your last year of high school. Make sure you wind down and make the most of it with your friends.

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