Avatar Sequel Coming This Christmas!


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Will you be watching the new Avatar movie?

Tristen Sanders, Staff Writer

We all know and love the iconic movie Avatar which was released in 2010. And since then, we have been long awaiting the sequel, which we were initially told would be released in 2014 but unfortunately, the director James Cameron was not satisfied with his resources for the film so he delayed it until further notice.

However, last year he announced that we would finally see the sequel we waited over ten years for. The official release date for Avatar: The Way of Water is December 16th.

Why did it take so long to make the Avatar sequel?

James Cameron is a huge perfectionist and he wanted Avatar: The Way of Water to be perfect in every aspect.

Aside from that though he did have to wait for the technology he needed in order to film the motion picture underwater. The movie took three years to finish filming because the actors had to go through intense training to be able to hold their breath for up to seven minutes underwater while filming the scenes. James Cameron made sure that the sets and special effects for the movie alone is going to set it apart from other films of its time just like Avatar did when it was first released.

Watch the official trailer for Avatar: The Way of Water below!