Netflix’s “Wednesday” – A Spinoff Done Right



“Wednesday” beats “Stranger Things” as the most viewed English language show.

Bryanne Elie, Staff Writer

On November 23 the Netflix show, “Wednesday” came out accumulating 341.2 million hours in just one week. It is beloved by most and is already a huge show captivating the hearts of many. The show is a spinoff of the Addams Family that focuses specifically on Wednesday Addams’ journey as she goes to the boarding school for outcasts, Nevermore Academy, that her parents went to when they were younger. While there, she becomes intrigued by the murder of various victims and wants to figure out who’s behind it all.

Personally, I found the show to be pretty good as it was interesting and had beautiful cinematography. Jenna Ortega’s insane dedication to this role paid off greatly as she did a really good job playing Wednesday, especially since she was following up the iconic Christina Ricci portrayal of the same character. I love the fact that Wednesday isn’t someone who feels that she is better than everyone else but simply doesn’t prioritize their opinions of her. She does what she wants whenever she pleases and although she has many flaws, I felt I could root for her throughout the show as she always acted for the greater good.

However, my biggest problem was the forced love triangle between Wednesday and her two love interests, Tyler Galpin and Xavier Thorpe. This love triangle was incredibly weird and random, as Wednesday was not affectionate towards any of them and used them for her personal gain continuously. It felt like the guys obsessed with her for literally no reason and she never reciprocated those feelings back which led the guys to throw temper tantrums at what she, respectively, felt about them.

They also had no redeeming qualities that should’ve made the audience want to root for them as Xavier was creepy and whiny while Tyler was just a basic boring guy. Tyler’s interest in Wednesday gets later justified but for Xavier to still like Wednesday after everything she did to him was really shocking as there is no real justification for why he liked her so much. That is typically my main problem when it comes to love triangles since the two love interests are in love with someone who treats them horribly so you can’t help but wonder what is sustaining their love for this person. It simply makes no sense but for some reason, we as watchers are supposed to choose someone. The show really could’ve been better without the romance or at least developed it better so that it could make more sense in the storyline.

Even with this problem, the show is still pretty good despite being a bit predictable. Also, although it was a little overhyped, it still has the potential to become really great once the full story is complete. It was a promising take on an amazing franchise that has had some failures recently, so it’s nice that there is this fresh take to entertain fans of the Addams family.