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Top 9 Scary Movies to Watch During Spooky Season

Louckens Philippe
Jalisha Rowen wanting De’juh Hickman as her next victim.

Spooky season is right around the corner, so you know what that means: SCARY MOVIES! Everybody needs a good scary movie to binge-watch during this fantastic season and what better people to give you top-tier scary movie advice than the scary movie fanatics themselves, my good pal, Dejuh Hickman, and I, Jalisha Rowen.

Movies such as “Scream” and “Halloween” are classics. Having the fans of horror lay in their beds each year rewatching all their favorite gut-wrenching and bone-chilling movies on their television. Be sure to grab your popcorn and candy corn, because you might want to binge some of the classics this upcoming fall.

Here is a list and description of the top 9 best scary movies to watch for this upcoming spooky season:

9. Scream

The classic white and black masked murderer going around killing high schoolers. The “Scream” franchise has 6 electrifying and suspenseful movies that take over the screen every spooky season. With the leaves changing and the days darkening, “Scream” is one of the best series to watch on Halloween night. The 1st movie was released in 1996, featuring Skeet Ulrich as Billy Loomis, Matthew Lillard as Stu Macher, Courtney Cox as Gale Weathers, Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott, and David Arquette as Dwight (Dewey) Riley.

In the fictional town of Woodsboro, everyone seems to know each other from the elders to the babies. From sunup to sundown high school students can be seen roaming the town, having not a fear in the world because why would they? The town is safe. Right?

Out of the blue on a school night a serial killer named “Ghostface” starts killing students from Woodsboro High, leaving everyone to question just how close the killer is to them. You never know when Ghostface is going to strike, it seems that he/she has no motive. You or your best friend can become Ghostface’s next victim without even knowing it, think twice before you go to the bathroom at a party or even go to the movie theater with your boyfriend. When a group of friends begins to be killed off one by one.

Ghostface seems to be closer than we thought. 

8. The Conjuring 2

One of my favorite horror movies and undoubtedly one of my comfort movies is “The Conjuring 2”. This movie is an amazing horror hit for horror fans everywhere. Being made in 2016, this movie is based on the true story of “The Enfield Poltergeist” whose studies were conducted by Ed and Lorraine Warren (self-professed Demonologist), who is also played in the movie.

The movie is about a little family in London who have had a hard life. The family consists of the mother, Peggy Hodgson, the two daughters, Janet and Margaret Hodgson, and the two little brothers Billy and Johnny Hodgson. This family is being haunted by an old man spirit named Bill Wilkens who was the previous owner who died in the house, now wanting the family to leave the house, claiming the house to be his. However, there’s a twist. It’s not that Bill doesn’t want to leave the family alone. It’s because he can’t. Bill Wilkens is being possessed by a demon named, Valak who is forcing him to haunt the family and possess the youngest daughter, Janet.

While “The Conjuring 1” was good, the second one will never be topped in my book. The hauntings are fantastic from the scenery to the introduction of the crooked man (another horror movie). This movie is a 10/10 and you should definitely watch it.

7. Annabelle

This movie is another creepy doll story. When most people think of dolls they think of Barbies, Monster High dolls, Bratz dolls, or American Girl dolls. When horror fans think of dolls we think of Chucky, Brahms, and Annabelle. Annabelle is a doll with a peculiar appearance. She is having two braids that are tied with two little red ribbons tied at the end of her pigtails. Dark, creepy makeup embraced all of her facial structure, emphasizing her cheekbones, eyes, and jaw, and a small white dress resembling almost a wedding gown, with a tiny red ribbon tied to it. Not to mention the rigid cuts in the plastic of her face the scraped sides of her face and torn pieces of her dress. This doll sits in a display case, almost as if she’s a prized collectible. But, Annabelle isn’t your typical childhood toy, she has a demon inside of her that is ready to kill people while always saying: “Did you miss me?”

6. Child’s Play

“Hi, I’m Chucky and I’m your friend till the end,” the cute killer innocent doll said. The “Good Guy” is a doll that kids want everywhere. He can talk, walk, and cuddle. He’s a kid’s best friend. Having bright orange long hair, cute little overalls, and don’t forget the cute good guy sneakers. Why wouldn’t you want this amazing doll?

Usually, kids don’t have trouble with dolls chasing them and wanting to kill their family, you know the typical stuff. But one child did: Andy Barclay. Chucky is a doll possessed by the spirit of Charles Lee “Chucky” Ray, whose hobby is killing random people for the fun of it. He gets into the victim’s home by disguising himself as a kid’s doll that gets shipped out and sold to the “lucky” family. Unfortunately, that was the case for Andy and his mother.

Throughout the movie, Andy tries to tell his mom that Chucky is alive, but let’s all be serious no parent is going to believe their child if they say, “The doll is alive!” and “He wants to kill us all.” Well.. some might. Anyways, throughout the movie Andy and his mom get tormented by this killer doll, trying to make it out alive.

It’s so enjoyable that even Carolina Bien-Aime from Santaluces states, “Chucky is a funny, evil, little doll that is so entertaining to watch.”

5. The Ring

A girl coming out of a well? Well, yes. If you enjoy movies that combine mystery and murder, “The Ring” is the perfect movie for you. A little girl named Samara uses a VHS tape to lure her victims to their deaths. Beware if you even look at your television for a single second, because now you just gave Samara her next victim. Samara is a deceased twelve-year-old girl, that climbs through the television after seven days of watching the tape, becoming one of your worst nightmares.

The real mystery the movie brings is who created the tape and why. While you and your friends may be eager to cuddle up on your couch and laugh at the “humor” of this tape and its so-called rumors, Samara is always watching, so don’t mock her. She can disfigure the faces of her victims just by looking in her eyes until they are unrecognizable.

Would you watch the tape?

4. The Nun

A true horror fan favorite. The exact definition of a “Nun” is a woman who dedicates her entire well-being to religious services and observance. Gary Dauberman’s “The Nun” was released in 2018, discussing the story of a demon named Valek shedding fear upon an “unholy” church in Romania, leaving a novitiate (Nun in training), priest, and a random man named Frenchie to investigate the true mystery behind it. Leaving secrets upon secrets to be uncovered.

The movie starts with a Nun named Sister Victoria committing suicide by hanging herself out from the balcony window in the middle of the night, not wanting to get killed by the demon (Valek) chasing her. While delivering vegetables, the next morning a man named Frenchie, who is a vegetable supplier to the church, stumbles across Sister Victoria’s lifeless body hanging from a noose. He hurries and tells the church about what he just saw and the news spreads quickly leaving the Vatican to find out. In his findings of the information, he sends Father Burke, Sister Irene, and Frenchie (who is forced to come) to find out about the disturbances that have been arising at the church.

This movie is filled with jumpscares upon jumpscares, being one of the first horror movies I’ve seen in years that gave me faith in good movies coming back and actually being scary and creative.

3. The Boy

“Do you think you can watch our son, who’s really a doll?” is the plot of this movie.

A young lady named Greta volunteers to be a nanny to a young boy named Brahms for some money. Thinking that this would be an actual kid, she arrives at this grand mansion that is owned by an old, little couple. She is welcomed inside the mansion by an old woman named Mrs. Heelshire. Mrs. Heelshire leads Greta to the kitchen where “The Boy”, Brahms, is sitting in a tall wooden chair. He is completely made of glass and is wearing children’s clothes.

Mrs. Heelshire introduces this glass doll to Greta as her son. Greta starts to laugh in Mrs. Heelshire’s face finding it amusing until she realizes that she is being for real. She gets hired on the spot and the old couple leaves Greta by herself in the house so that they can go on “vacation”. They leave her a list of things to do for “The Boy”, to make him happy. Greta thinks that there aren’t going to be any consequences, so she doesn’t do any of the things on the list until she soon suspects she is being watched.

This movie has so many confusing twists and turns but in the end, they all make sense. This is a nice chill horror movie, that doesn’t have many jumpscares and is definitely a must watch.

2. Candyman

The bee man. “Candyman, Candyman, Candyman, Candyman, Candyman.” Say his name five times and he will appear. One is a mistake, two is regret, three is terror, four is dread, and five, well five is annihilation. Candyman is your everyday African- American man, born as Daniel Robitaille, and growing up in the projects.

The story of Candyman is rumored to be that he fell in love with a white woman named Caroline Sullivan. Which would have been fine if he was a white man. However, during this period interracial relationships were forbidden. So once her father, a wealthy landowner named Heyward Sullivan, found out about this love affair, he cut off Daniel’s painting hand with a rusted hook, smothered him in honey, and let him get stung to death. 

While there are many different varieties behind how Candyman got his name, the main story that seems to stick is the one about a boy who tasted the sweet dripping honey of Candyman. Seeing how it tasted like candy he yelled out “Candyman” and ran.

Candyman now haunts the land where he was executed. He kills those who summon him and those who doubt him, you will either become a victim to his hand hook, be murdered in cold blood by the use of a pistol, or Candyman’s bee-engulfed hands. But whichever one becomes your faith, just know you said his name.

Would you say his name?

1. Halloween

The classic Halloween movie. Halloween is a horror fan favorite everywhere and also one of my favorite horror movies of all time. The classic white masked man in a blue jumpsuit that goes around killing people. Michael Myers is a fictional character, who killed his seventeen-year-old sister, Judith, when he was only six years old.

The movie Halloween, being released in 1978, is about a twenty-one-year-old man named Michael Myers who escapes the patient transfer from his psychiatric hospital in Smith’s Groves. Once out he goes back to his hometown of Haddonfield, Illinois to find the remaining family members so that he can kill them off. However, during his search for his family, he stumbles across a young woman named Laurie, who escapes the fate of his knife, multiple times, leaving him now to be consumed with trying to kill her.

This movie has many sequels, all of them with Michael Myers trying to murder Laurie and Laurie trying to find him, chase him, and murder him. Every. Halloween. Night.

These are our top 9 horror movies that we think you should watch this spooky season. We hope you enjoy them and let us know what you think of them. Anyway, have an amazing fall.

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