Violence and Possibilities

School related murders rarely happen, and if they do, it’s usually from in-school shootings. Recently, there was a school shooting in Sparks, Nevada that resulted in two students being injured and one teacher dead from a bullet wound. In that same week, there was a high school teacher found dead in a forest and was said to be murdered by a student who attended that same school. From these events that were caused by average students, it leaves a question of what could possibly cause these students to make these choices.

“Society puts pressure on everyone” said Mrs. Schroader. “There are kids who don’t have anyone to talk to or relate to sometimes. I think it’s because too many people are caught up in their own lives to lend an ear or helping hand to our students.”

It’s also believed that the problem may be more than just from a student not having anybody to be there for them.

“Students could be going out of their minds from adults being crazy themselves,” said Sebastian Trenco, junior. “I mean, news about some crazy situation that has to do with an adult going on the news probably rubs off on us, and we start to see all of this insanity as something normal.”

There are many possibilities of how students may become like this, but in the end we may never know what drives certain kids to this path.



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