Top Ten Now and Then: Cliché Resolutions That Are Rarely Followed


When the New Year arrives, people feel as though it is a “clean slate”, so they make a big or small promise to themselves that will eventually benefit them in the long run.  It’s no secret that people rarely follow these promises after the month of January, but it’s nice to see people putting effort towards something.

10.  Get better grades- Even though this is, or should, be the focus of any student who is not exactly completely happy with their grades, people tend to believe that they’ll stick to it and take it more seriously if they make it into a whole year thing.

09. Spend less money- When you live in a world where literally the water you drink costs money, this could be really hard to do.  As difficult as this task may be, every year countless people take the challenge and apparently, it doesn’t work out for all of them because it’ll be their resolution the next year.

08. Become more social- Most people can simply achieve this by creating a Facebook, Twitter or any other type of social networking account.  Sadly, staying behind a computer or staring at a computer screen is not going to make friends magically appear.  My best tip for people that want to be social is to just do it; you’ll find that you don’t need to spend a whole year doing it.

07. Be nicer- If you’re one of those people who love to interact, but you come across the wrong way, maybe a few days of self-analyzing could help you understand why people tend to go the opposite way when meeting you.

06. Find love- This could be a potentially dangerous resolution. If you go out looking for love you may find it in the wrong places. Then next year your resolution will be “How to escape a person whom I don’t love.”

05. Learn a new language- If you’re like me and are into your late teenage years, learning a new language isn’t going to happen over the course of a year. A more realistic resolution would be “Start learning a new language”, even though it’s a two-word change it makes a big difference.

04. Get a job- Personally I’m not a fan of resolutions that are based on chance, with how the economy is and with the current employment rate, getting a job could be very difficult. Even though we all aim to have the chance to be underpaid and overworked, there are unfortunately many more in line, and you’ll have to wait till your number is called.

03. Read a book- Apparently reading over 100 pages is very difficult.  Indulging in the wonderful world of books can be a great way to pass the time and also help brush up on your reading skills.  When it comes to reading, it’s never too late to start something new.

02.  Get organized- Chances are you’re going to need some help with this because if you’re that bad, you won’t even know where to start. Invite a few friends over, get professional help- there are tons of ways to make sure that being organized lasts longer than just a few weeks.

01. Lose Weight- Unless you either have great determination or an awesome work ethic, this could be close to impossible to achieve.  It may start off as your New Year’s Resolution and quickly evolve to a Decade’s Resolution.  With all of the new foods coming out that aren’t really “healthy,” the world of fitness can be a very difficult one to stick to.  Most people stick to it for about one session to about a week, then they realize that it hurts, and it actually requires work and then they put it off for next year.