In non-Bieber News

“In Breaking Bieber News” is all I’ve been seeing all over the Internet, and it’s driving me nuts.

The other morning when I awoke and turned on the TV for the usual morning news, I saw in big, bold letters on my TV “BREAKING NEWS.” I anxiously turned up the volume to hear if there was another tragic mass shooting or another heartbreaking earthquake. Then I saw the unthinkable- Justin Bieber has been arrested for DUI.

“Really?” I thought, “Breaking news for Justin Bieber? This has to be some kind of joke.”

Well, I wish it was.

Breaking news was for yet again another child star celebrity all grown up and doing things that most of these child star celebrities do: crime. But that’s not what bothered me. Average people do it all the time and are reported every day on the news for it. DUI, drugs, it’s nothing new in this day and age, but why must the media go to such great lengths to glorify a typical crime just because that crime was committed by a celebrity?

Lindsey Lohan, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, we’ve all seen it before. It is obviously the media’s job to report the latest and most shocking news. But what I can’t understand is why Bieber’s “Bad Boy Crime” had to make it to the Breaking News headline. It’s like everything had been put on hold, and it was all about Justin Bieber (similar to Miley’s heinous return to the spotlight last year.) And as much as I hate to admit it, it’s unfortunately got me talking about it, too.

I’ve downloaded the CNN app on my iPhone and programmed it to send me news alerts, and I can count that at least 5 times during the day, that all of my alerts were related to Justin Bieber’s un-“belieb”-able crimes.

He was arrested for charges on DUI, marijuana, and drag racing. Arrest reports were also released along with mug shots of him grotesquely smiling and gazing into the camera with bloodshot eyes.

And why not smile? I mean, he can- he is a celebrity after all. This is just going to be another young and reckless mistake to be added to his compilation of arrests and “YOLO” experiences of life. Will he come back from it? Maybe.  Chris Brown did and made a number one album the year after; but, at the end of the day, there are still people committing crimes or being victims of one. The only difference is that they don’t sing or make movies.