The Vicious Virus Of Senioritis


The count down to graduation is up and rolling with only four months left until seniors walk across the stage, but things are becoming hectic.

It should be easy, but almost every senior that reaches this point starts to feel the senioritis digging its talons deep into our work ethic. It seems that once reality is close by, it is really closer than you think. That every day schedule that you are so used to becomes obsolete due to the fact that you have to work now, and any extra curricular activity you do will be at risk of falling through the cracks because of exhaustion.

Months ago, everything was fine, but out of no where, everything is crumbling to pieces. I recently started feeling the effects of senioritis, because I was tired or I didn’t want to deal  with the nonsense I was so use to dealing with.

I’ve been in school now for five months, and I have dealt with the pure ignorance that some of these students generate: laughing in your face, mocking you, whispering insults as you walk away. For five whole months, I was able to just repress my feelings of anger and ignore them. However, the closer to graduation I get, the less I honestly care about repressing, and the more I care about action. I can’t even hold my anger in now, so I just do not go to the classes that those “people” are in. Senioritis gets the best of your energy and emotion. Before it didn’t matter, but once all of this pressure is put upon your shoulders, you start to crack under pressure.

Another big problem that senioritis makes for me is organization. In the beginning of the year, almost every senior had a backpack and binders ready to start class, but now maybe thirty percent has the correct school utensils. You wake up only thinking about sleep, not if you have all of the supplies you are suppose to have, or if you did your homework. Your notes in class begin to shorten as that whole page you were use to writing quickly turns into one medium sized paragraph. You begin to not write down homework, which contributes to the reason of why you are not doing your homework. You do not even know what the word calendar is anymore, let alone organization.

With all of this rapid change comes a important life lesson of whether you give in to senioritis, or you surpass it. Either way, reality is going to bite you in the rear end, if you’re ready or not.