It’s Not Fair

With year long anxiety building up inside and the desire to be frightened and sensation of fear to go though their bodies, people just couldn’t to be wait for it to be January and to go to the South Florida Fair. Me, on the other hand, didn’t really care.

Last year I remember I was filled with that same anxiety, I just couldn’t wait for the fair to arrive. I, of course, knew that the fair is somewhat expensive so I automatically knew I had to take a good lump some of money, especially since I was also paying for my little sister.

Once I was there I bought the wrist bands, and since it was on a busy day, the lines were enormous and the waiting time was long as well. So, I decided to buy the gold pass, that way I wouldn’t have to wait an eternity in line. After a couple of rides I began to feel nauseous and couldn’t handle another ride.

This year I just thought it’s just way to much wasting $60.00 just for a couple of rides: the entrance was $15, the wrist band was $35, and the golden pass, which was an upgrade to the wrist band was another $15. That day I spend roughly $130 on the two of us and we didn’t even get to go on that many rides.

I was then told “why don’t you go for the food?” My first thought was “no thank you.” I think of it this way – fast food restaurants are covered with filth, and they have all the utilities to keep it clean. It makes me wonder if the fair food has the same level of sanitation.

This year, I just thought that I might as well go somewhere else for cheaper and enjoy myself.