Spring is the Thing

Spring is on the rise, from the beautiful fluorescent flowers to the swarms of love bugs flying through our streets. The last bit of cold there can be is slowly drifting away as summer waits for its opportunity to arise.

Now that the cold is finally close to its departure, Floridians can enjoy the normal climate in peace. No more going to bed when its seventy-five degrees and waking up in the forties. Athletes can start focusing on their sports not having t worry to stretch after every ten minuets just to keep there muscles from contracting. Spring football is able to look forward to good weather, well with the exceptions of random showers.

The wildlife is one delight in the sunshine state, seeing that all sorts of animals come out from hiding during this time. Glass snakes, which are close to impossible to see during winter, are out in the open. Alligators who we are use to being less mobile become filled with energy as spring sneaks its way in. Love bugs who are notorious for finding a mate and connecting there torsos clutter the streets. Flower bushes you thought were dead some how find a way to jump back to life and produce amazing aromas. From all the miracles mother nature has to offer spring is by far one of the best, so next time you’re walking down the street, you should observe some of the treasures are state has offer during spring.

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