Was the Prom Worth the Wait?

I have been waiting since freshman year to attend prom and when it’s time for me to attend, it wasn’t really worth the wait.

Knowing that this year’s prom theme was going to be Great Gatsby was a surprise and filled me with excitement, especially knowing that era, the Roaring Twenties.  Of course, in my mind, I had to buy a dress to accommodate that era and accessories that matched, such as the iconic hairpieces that include feathers or rhinestones.

As the day approached, the anxiety built up even more and my enthusiasm grew. The day of prom, I just couldn’t wait to leave and get ready; that day felt eternal. When the time came to leave, we just immediately knew what to do. Before prom, it was an adventure going here and there, getting this and that; it was just a really busy day.

We all first went to dinner to have something in our stomachs and while we were at it we were just hanging out, laughing and telling stories. Once it was time to arrive at prom, I was getting nervous and just couldn’t stop smiling, I was just thinking of the amazing time I was going to have and the memories I was going to create, and boy did I.

When we were entered I saw the feathers everywhere that reminded me of the Great Gatsby movie.  Once I entered the room, I was happy to see the faces of people that I knew and that the decorations that looked amazing.  When we found a seat, I was so eager to start dancing, but I absolutely didn’t like the music at all. I looked at the dance floor and all I saw were girls “twerking” and it even seemed as if they were having sex.

I looked left and right, that’s all saw girls ‘twerking.” I honestly felt uncomfortable to be there. I was having an alright time, but I decided to leave at 11:00 even though prom was supposed to end at 11:59, and I had arrived at around 9 o’clock.

I just wished that there would of been different kinds of music and then it would have been perfect, because with the music that there was the only thing someone could do was jump up and down and “twerk.” It wasn’t really worth me going in my mind, but the only thing I enjoyed was that I spent the day with my friends.