Five Relationship Pet Peeves

 A pet peeve is something that a particular person finds especially annoying.

There are always going to be pet peeves that go along with a relationship; I can think of many. But instead of naming mine, I decided to ask students what their relationship pet peeves are.

“A pet peeve of mine in a relationship would be someone who is unreasonable,” said the Junior Olajuwon Theodore.

For example: think of a scenario where you’re busy and don’t get the chance to text your significant other back. Instead of being understanding, he/she does not let you explain.

Another example can be a significant other who does not let you do anything at all with the opposite sex. In my eyes, I believe that as long as you know your boyfriend/girlfriend actually likes you; there’s nothing to worry about.

“Something that would be quite annoying is clinginess,” said Junior Vanessa Julien.

“When he’s always asking you what you are doing. Or even something like him knowing all my passwords to everything such as, my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter; something like that.”

Another Junior, Stacy Barthe, took a different look on it.

“It annoys me when the person feels like they have a say on who I talk to or who I hang out with.”

First of all, we all have adults in our life who tell us what to do; we do not need another one. Meaning: your girlfriend/boyfriend should not be the one to tell you what to do, when to do it or who to do it with. In high school, that is the last thing you need.

“One relationship pet peeve of mine is, when they tell you they will call you back, but never do,” said Senior Emily Sleezer.

I feel like this pet peeve is pretty universal. Everyone hates; no matter who it is, when someone promises to give you a call back but never does. I believe that can annoy anyone.

“One pet peeve can be lying,” said Senior Marissa Taylor.

“An example can be my boyfriend constantly giving excuses on why he can’t hang out.”

I can get an idea of why this can be annoying. Imagine your boyfriend/girlfriend always telling you how he likes you, and how much he misses you but then turns around and  gives excuses about why he can’t see you or why he can’t be with you. That is not something someone would want.

Although there are some annoyances that go along with a relationship; that doesn’t mean that your relationship is going downhill. Another thing to keep in mind is: not everyone realizes some of the things that they do annoy you; so just bring it to their attention. Who knows, they might just fix it.