Why Do Girls Compete?

There seems to be some unspoken competition between girls. Before they will compliment another girl, they will hate on one.

Some girls compete with each other rather than being friendly. For example, there have been girls who have pointed, stared and talked about me, without even knowing a thing about me.

I think girls hate on each other for a variety of reasons. Wouldn’t it be easier to give each other compliments? Try to tell someone you like their shirt or their hairstyle.  You never know how that could change someone’s day. There’s room for everyone to stand out and be themselves without putting each other down.

It is sad to see how regardless if a girl knows you or not, they will automatically have their set feelings about you, all based on your looks.

“A close friend of mine had a girlfriend that thought we were too close for her liking and she wanted us to stop speaking to each other, which I respected,” said junior Stacy Barthe. “Even though they’re not together now, him and I still remain close friends and she doesn’t like me.”

Not only do girls hate on each other for their looks, but also for other reasons like the attention of a boy. I believe that girls shouldn’t let a boy change their behavior. I realized that some girls will automatically dislike you if they know a boy they like also likes you. This also happens even if you’re just friends with this boy.

There has been an instance where a girlfriend of a boy hated a friend of mine, all due to her sitting next to him in class. How can a boy have such a huge impact on how you feel about a girl that you haven’t even met?

Girls can either be jealous of you, copy, or admire you. Due to this, there is some type of invisible competition between females that can be seen in your everyday life. When girls see other girls, they tend to compare themselves to each other. Girls need to understand that all of their own features make them unique.

Let’s try to inspire and lift each other up. Compliment someone along the way; starting this healthy habit now as young girls can help us grow into better women.