Teacher Profile: Ms. Lewis


Zion Frost, Staff Writer


Ms. Lewis is a new Digital Media teacher and she has been teaching for 18 years. She started out at the business academy as a guidance secretary and got her degree in business administration.

How does Ms. Lewis feel about Santaluces?

“Santaluces feels like my home. The faculty feels close-knit. The faculty and staff really care about school spirit. It’s hard to say if anything needs improving, I see a lot of positive.”

Are you considering a degree in education? Here’s some advice from someone who’s been on the job since 1999:

“Start early, don’t procrastinate. Education is a hard field, get a degree in the subject you love first so you can have something to fall back on. Not that I don’t love my job, it allows me to have two careers. Make sure your always willing to love hundreds of kids at a time.”

This is advice anyone can benefit from:

“College is not for everyone, but plan for some kind of post-secondary education. Don’t stop at high school.”