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Santaluces High School

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Santaluces High School

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Meet the Teacher: Mrs. Morales

A picture of Ms.Morales

I got the opportunity to interview Mrs. Morales, a Science teacher at Santaluces Community High School. She was born and raised in Puerto Rico and has been teaching for 22 years; she taught for 15 years in Puerto Rico and has been teaching for 7 years in Florida.

    What inspired you to become a teacher?

    “Most of my family members are teachers and I was exposed to the teaching field career for most of my life. When it was time for me to go to college, I had to select what major I wanted to do and decided to become a teacher and major in the science field of biology because I liked science. “

   What’s your favorite part about teaching?

 When my students are working in labs as a science teacher it’s one of the most satisfactory parts of being able to apply their past knowledge to projects, and seeing my students enjoy the activities being presented to them.”

     How long have you been teaching at Santaluces High School and how was your experience?

“I have been working here at Santaluces for more than four years, and it’s been a great experience and the students, staff, and administrative staff are very great and nice to work with.” 

     What made you want to teach science at Santaluces? 

“I applied to teach at a high school level and was eventually hired to teach at Santaluces High School and continued teaching because it was a good school and the students were great and had the potential to become successful.”

     If there was any science lesson you really enjoy teaching, what would it be?

Well I taught biology for a long time so it would be a topic on the interest of cells and models and how they function and there are many activities to demonstrate the overall function and purpose of the living cell, that is the topic I enjoy the most.”

     What is one fun fact about science that people don’t know? 

“The one fun fact about science is that NASA in Cape Canaveral has many companies that develop spacecraft and space vehicles to start space research, to discover the possibility of new discoveries of the universe, and hopefully bring people to Mars or any other planets.” 

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