Meet Mr. Gonzales


Natalie Bruno and Aliya Linan

Mr. Gonzales is a first year teacher here at Santaluces. While teaching  digital design he hopes to help students better understand photoshop.

Outside of teaching at Santaluces, he teaches paint parties and performs speed painting in front of live audiences. One example of this is his Jay-Z painting, which he completed in twenty minutes.

Mr. Gonzales started his professional art career at the age of 18 and began painting seriously after college because of an inspiring professor. His art professor encouraged him to go out of his comfort zone and pick up a paintbrush. He decided that he wanted to be a teacher during college after assisting his professors and preforming at an advanced level in his art classes. So far, he is enjoying his new home at Santaluces and is excited to see what the students will create this year.

“I am happy to be here, I have been wanting to teach for a while,” said Mr. Gonzales.