Meet the Teacher: Mrs. Bower


Allison Bower

A photo of Ms. Bower.

Allison Bower and Daina Desty

Mrs. Bower has been teaching at Santaluces for four years now and enjoys teaching Travel & Tourism and Statistics.

Mrs. Bower didn’t always want to be a teacher; in fact, she switched her major many times, yet she took many math classes throughout college. She had a job in medical research which has been published and then worked in the courthouse before she became a mom. As a mom, she tutored and started a travel planning business. Only then, did she decide to become a teacher at Santaluces teaching math.

Mrs. Bower attended Santaluces High School and went to the University of Miami where she has a degree in Health Science and Statistics. She likes spending time with her family, reading, traveling to new places, and watching Jeopardy. She participated in competitive gymnastics as a kid and won many awards for doing so. She also was the Pathfinder nominee for science in high school.

” I like how at Santaluces, everyone is ‘real’ and most everyone is really nice,” she says. Mrs. Bowers says her favorite part about teaching is when a student understands the material and everything just clicks. Her strength as a teacher is being positive and she hopes the students know she likes what she is teaching.

Students have mentioned to her that she is not strict enough and that she is a little too chill as a teacher.