Disney’s Star Wars Weekends

Disneys Star Wars Weekends

Abbey Brannock, Copy Editor

In theme parks, movie culture is everywhere – despite how many years it’s been since its release, Universal Studios still sells Jaws t-shirts and Disney celebrates the adventures of the famous series Star Wars with adults and children alike at Star Wars Weekends.

At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, guests are getting in touch with the Force with its annual Star Wars Weekends, starting the weekend of May 16 to June 15.

With the purchase of the Star Wars company Lucasfilms, Disney has the freedom to expand the celebration even more this year. With parades, character meetings, and shows spotted across Hollywood, also comes a new building called Darth Mall. Fans are welcome to come in and look through a massive building full of shirts, toys, and pins, as well as visit the Ackbar Snackbar and buy the Dark side and the Force-themed drinks, held inside a stormtrooper mug.

One issue with the event is the turnup – employees have stated that Disney did not anticipate the amount of guests to be as large as they are, and limited edition paraphernalia is running out quick. In fact, many anticipate that the stormtrooper mugs will be gone by next weekend with how rapidly they’re being sold.

However, for any Star Wars fan, Disney’s themed adventure is an exciting weekend of nostalgia and entertainment. With the legendary music playing everywhere you go and side characters from the movie running and greeting guests, it’s an experience that many will remember for years after.

And, of course, it isn't an experience until you take selfies with the characters.
And, of course, it isn’t an experience until you take selfies with the characters.