Chiefs Take a Coffee Break


Jacob Serrano, Staff Writer

Back to school means back to waking up earlier than usual, and everyone could use a good pick-me-up. Instead of hitting McDonalds or Dunkin’ Donuts in the morning, chiefs now have the option of purchasing an iced coffee right in the cafeteria for $1.50.

“I found that many students always ask for something new and something they actually like,” said Ms. Harrington, Head of Cafeteria.

For many who may be worried about coffee being an unhealthy option for students, the school’s iced coffee is contains low caffeine, low sugar, and no artificial flavor; due to the National Nutrition Act, the beverage had to be slightly modified to the usual drink.

Students have been amazed by the drink as it surprised about the taste and how it exceeded expectations.

“I think its a great option,” said Javier Troncoso, a senior. “And the best part is it tastes amazing for something that’s provided by the school.”

Even with this great addition to the cafeteria’s menu, there are students who are still waiting for smoothies back.

“It’s cool and all, but I still want the smoothies back,” said William Penn, a junior. “Not everyone always wants coffee.”

The smoothies are actually being replaced by slushies due to the nutrition act, but if there is a high demand, chiefs may see a return. For now, iced coffee rises as a new favorite among chiefs.