Proud to be Chiefs

Staff Reports, Staff Writers

The first pep rally of the school year was a throwback to past pep rallies. With the Senior Class winning the stick in the end, the pep rally was full of fun and funny performances and even included the ice bucket challenge taken by new principal Mrs. Robinson.

Students saw the return of The Neapolitans, riding into the gym on a shiny, black convertible. The group, made up of Mr. Krupa (“Vanilla”), Mr. Ramos (“Strawberry”) and Coach T (“Chocolate”), serenaded new principal Mrs. Robinson with their classic hit “My Girl.” The cheerleaders and the dance team put on lively performances and the show started out with a battle between the Santaluces Chief played by Mr. Witt and the Wellington mascot played by Mr. Forsyth. Their scuffle ended with Witt cut off a chunk of Mr. Forsyth’s beard.

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