New Study Says High School Students Need More Sleep

Jacob Serrano, Staff Writer

The struggle of waking up with a body that didn’t have its sustainable amount of rest is difficult. For years, students have been persisting on pushing time back for high school students to after 8:00 a.m. Now, it’s not only the students who are in favor of a time change.

The American Academy of Pediatricians is starting to develop a theory stating students should start school lather than the initial time. Scientists concluded that teens who sleep at ten or eleven and reach school at seven have lower chances of processing information – their brains are not fully rested to absorb the constant flowing information. These pediatricians are persuading the School Board of Education to reconsider the start time for school.

Many freshmen who’ve only been waking up early for less than a month are still open to school starting later.

“Its a big change from the time middle school started at and it does demand your body to adapt real quick,” said Kimberly Guzman, freshman. “But if the start time did change I would be open to it.”

Even though it sounds great, not everyone believes it would be necessary and effective.

“I’ve been waking up early for four years and us seniors haven’t complained and got what we wanted,” said Bailey Gnadiec, a senior. “If anything, it teaches students responsibility to students of actually waking up on time.”

Some teachers believe it could be a situation with pros and cons.

“It probably be better for students to sleep in a bit and come in later, it would help students be more alert” said Ms. Monahan, student government teacher. “Although it would probably just cause even more problems, it would effect after school sports, jobs, and even buses due to the time school would probably have to end [later].”

Monahan even commented on how many adults and even students have gone through waking up early and developed with it as a lifestyle, and how everybody is able to deal with it. Pediatricians are still on the job trying to convince multiple counties to make this move that could be for the better. Right now, any decision is still pending and nothing is made official yet.