The Truth about Inappropriate Texting


Stanley Alexis

Fellow Chief on the phone before school begins.

Lissan Martin , Staff Writer

Cell phones are both seen and used on a daily basis, but the content on a person’s phone is what remains unknown to those passing by.

Earlier this week, a thirteen year old girl about to enter the eighth grade in Dinwiddle County, Virginia was reported to the local sheriff’s office by her parents. A puzzled expression and a mind set of disbelief is exactly what her parents felt when finding nude pictures of not only their daughter, but other teens on her cell phone and tablet.

The family has been kept anonymous to keep the daughter safe from people who may try to view these pictures. According to Mobiledia, regardless of whether the person in the photo is wearing underwear or not, it is considered pornography. This means that criminal charges will be issued such as eight hours of community service and/or paying a $60 fine expressed by the Florida Senate.

“I feel like sexting is unnecessary and a lack of self respect,” said an anonymous senior.

However, some may not feel the same way, saying private photos between couples is their own business and may even keep couples together.

Whichever side of the spectrum you’re on, be aware that even if you are both minors or close in age, once you press send you can never know for sure what that person will do with your picture.