District Disaster


Lissan Martin

The new Epson prejector

Lissan Martin, Staff Writer

Since the first week of school, both the teachers and students in the Palm Beach County School District have had difficulties with the over-head projectors.

While in the middle of a new lesson plan, the overhead shuts off and interrupts the flow of the lesson. Students get rowdy while the teacher has to stop and wait for it to reboot.

“It’s just another one of those things that good teachers juggle in order to be effective in the classroom.” said English teacher, Mrs. Schroader.

Theories of what might be the cause of these malfunctioning projectors are swarming in the air like bees such as, if they’re on sleep mode or a timer, overheating, or if the filters need to be replaced, but all in all there is no definate reason.

Although regular maintenance is done by Tech Support (cleaning the filters and replacing the bulbs), the issue is being handled by the district themselves. A routine check was held on Thursday, September 11th.

So far, the cause of it all seems to be the new Powerlife 955W model, which explains why a majority of the issue stems from those who have classes in the portables, because thats the only place they are installed.

Students are becoming more irritated about the lesson plan being interrupted.

“It kind of gets annoying, but my teachers will continue explaining the topic while we wait,” said Bjork Clarke, senior.

Evidently, this is an important factor in students learning, however, the Chiefs are patiently waiting for the district to resolve this issue.