Guess Who’s Back?

Guess Whos Back?

Colleen Rock, Staff Writer

In August 2006 IAU,International Astronomical Union, demoted Pluto to not a planet but a dwarf planet. It broke the hearts of many, who denied the thought that Pluto could be anything but a planet. But these people are in luck, Pluto is being reevaluated to see if it fits the criteria to be a planet. Yes, all of the complaining and petitions from other astronomers who ignored the vote finally worked. Harvard went back and studied what exactly makes a planet a planet.

Current definition of a planet:

  1. Is in orbit around the Sun
  2. Is round or nearly round, and
  3. has a “clear neighborhood,” which means it has it’s own orbital zone.

In 2006 IAU said Plutos orbit overlapped with Neptune’s, canceling it out for being a planet. With Pluto being reevaluated it may have a huge comeback.

“If they can categorize it on what a planet is with that criteria,” said Ms. Reddings “then yay pluto!”

Next year 2015 New Horizons aircraft is set to pass by Pluto for the first time. To collect data so they can valuate Pluto further. Let’s hope we get our Pluto back as a planet, so we can say My Very Elegant Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas again.