Will You Vote?

Will You Vote?

Shuruq Daas, Staff Writer

Voting season is just around the corner. As pressure builds up for the candidates that are running, pressure builds up for the voters as well. Reaching the age of eighteen, one feels independence and power that is ready to be used in the real world. One can serve in the military or become recognized as adults and have their own home. However, as tempting and enlightening as these privileges sound, voting is mostly out of the youths’ mind.

In 2012, only 41.2% of citizens aged 18-24 participated in voting. Researchers say that the percentage of that age group should be augmented. Yet does a freshly turned adult know anything about voting? This factor may be a reason why voting is not on their to-do tasks.

However, out of the sixty-five people who were interviewed on campus, 83% said they will vote and 17% said they would not.

Erica Coronado, a senior, was one of the people who said she would vote.

‘’I will vote because I don’t want to be those type of people that complain the government isn’t running efficiently, when I could’ve taken part in voting for the right person,’’ said Coronado.

Kimberly Vazquez, a senior, said she would not vote.

‘’No eighteen year old fully knows anything about voting and picking who to vote,” said Vazquez. “I feel I need a better understanding of how the system works then take a part in it.’’

Having the chance to vote and making a difference is a privilege that should not be abused. Students should indulge in the economic and political aspect of life to better develop understanding of how the government runs and how their future is in the government’s hands.