Makeup Policy Gets a Makeover


Santaluces Student Handbook

Maria Castellon, Staff Writer

Lets say you caught a cold and ended up being absent for a week. You forget to get an excuse note, and your teachers tell you they can’t give you makeup work. Or, lets say a series of unfortunate events leads to a suspension. When you come back to class, the highest grade you could earn on the work you missed was 59%.

Well, those days are gone. Starting with the second nine weeks, the administration has changed the policy for makeup work. Whether excused or unexcused, students now must be given an opportunity to makeup work for full credit.

“It’s bitter sweet because students have a chance to get their work done but some students won’t see the importance of going to class every day,” said Ms. Mawali, an assistant principal.

The new policy is more beneficial to students than the previous one.  Administrators said the goal is for students to show mastery of the subject, not penalize them for being absent.

“I don’t have an issue with it,” said 10th grade English teacher Ms. Latham. “I’m one of the teachers who gives students their make-up work rather than having the stress of a student falling behind in a class. I’ve always done that.”

Still, many teachers are apprehensive about how students will handle this policy. Some teachers have said they worry that students will take advantage of the new policy and miss class knowing they will be able to do the makeup work for full credit.

The policy applies not just to Santaluces, but to all schools in the district.  Even though it is in the handbook, there are still many teachers and students who are not aware that it exists. The policy is a new change for everyone and will take time to adjust.

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