Yearbook Club Wins Award


Jacob Serrano, Staff Writer

Always trying to record every important moment of the school year and trying to make it memorable, the Yearbook staff has always been doing their best to make it happen. Herff Jones gave an award to the Calumet Yearbook for having the most contemporary theme for last year’s yearbook. The theme was “#Trending” which played with the concept of hashtags since it became more popular over the year.

The hard work does pay off. The class only had five people to create 300 pages which meant more of a challenge. Everybody in the club had to do everything and each member had their fair share of pages to complete.

“I felt really accomplished,” said Herrio Joseph, Sophomore and Editor of the Yearbook. “It was crazy how such a short-staffed team can receive an award that you’d expect a highly number club to win.”

Herff Jones saw it as such an accomplishment that they want the school’s Yearbook to be in a national competition to prove that they have a book thats worth being an example.

“I am truly proud of what our team can do,” said Yearbook teacher Mr.Woods. “I was surprised but I knew that I shouldn’t be for I knew our team knew what they were doing and did it better than anyone expected.”

Yearbook’s accomplishment brought in a huge support group and an abundance of new members which started at five and has now gone to thirty-six. Knowing that there are more members who are equally dedicated, Woods said students can expect something even bigger and better from Yearbook this