A Senior Privilege Promise


Jacob Serrano, Staff Writer

Senior privilege is something that is given to students when a senior has finished all their requirements to graduate, such as having all their credits, an online credit, and the community service hours needed.

According to Ms.Tanguay, the 12th grade guidance counselor, students promised that they would have their community services hours in so that they could keep there senior privilege by December 5th. Tanguay gave senior privilege to certain students who didn’t have their hours due to how reliable they were and how much they promised to get it.

“I think it makes perfect sense,” said Nicholas Peterson, a senior. “A promise is a promise. So if certain students don’t live up to their word, then it’s no ones fault if they lose that privilege.”

Fortunately, many of these seniors have been turning in their hours that they promised to Tanguay.

“Lately, many of the seniors who I gave senior privilege to who said [they] would turn their hours in later have been turning them in just before the deadline,” said Ms.Tanguay. “Theres only less than a handful of students who haven’t turned their hours in who I gave the privilege to, but I have faith in them.”

With the deadline very near, all of the students who made that promise should have their hour slips turned in. No information was released yet on where those seniors who missed the deadline will be placed within the two weeks before winter break.

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