Graduation 2015 – Are You on Track?

Graduation 2015 - Are You on Track?

Lizzy Saba, Staff Writer

ATTENTION SENIOR CLASS OF 2015! Procrastination is the thief of time, don’t let it get away! It is coming down to the final hour. If you haven’t met all your graduation requirements, don’t wait any longer to get them done. Make sure you have:

4 Credits English Language arts (ELA)

With major concentration in composition, reading for information and literature.

4 Credits Mathematics

One of which must be Algebra 1 & 2 and one of which must be Geometry.

(you also must pass Algebra 1 EOC to recieve credit-no EOC for Algebra 2, just completion of course needed)

3 Credits Science 

One of which must be Biology, and two lad component sciences (chemistry, physics, marine science, etc).

3 Credit Social Studies 

One credit World History, one credit U.S. History, 0.5 Government and 0.5 Economics.

1 Credit Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Speech/Debate 

Any fine/performing arts such as Theatre, VisTech, Graphic Design, Photography, Debate, Speech, Draw/Paint, Studio Art, Band, Music Theory, etc.

1 Credit Physical Education 

0.5 actual physical education course, and other 0.5 team sports.

8 Elective Credits

Any kind of elective or academic elective that is not in relation to your core required classes.

2 Credits of a Foreign Language (not necessarily for graduation but almost every university requires it)

Hopefully you’ve taken at least one (if not both) in beginning of high school years, if not, try taking one online to finish both credits before graduation.

1 Credit on Online Course 

If you are yet to have taken your online class see Mrs. Tanguay about signing up with and find a course that won’t take any longer than about 4-6 weeks to complete to it in time before graduation; (I’d suggest driver’s e.d. it takes only about 2-4 weeks to complete).

20 Hours Community Service 

If you haven’t completed 20 hours, ask clubs around the school or administration to help out with events and upcoming sports games to knock those 20 hours out of the park.

SAT/ACT College Ready Scores 

SAT: Reading- 440 Mathematics- 440 Writing- 440

ACT: Reading- 19 Mathematics- 19 Science- 19

Minimum GPA of 2.0 or Higher

Talk to your teachers about getting in some extra credit or being able to make up past work to get your GPA where it needs to be.

Passing FCAT Scores 

10th grade FCAT 2.0 Reading with a level 3/or a score of 245 or higher (or concordant SAT/ACT score) (SAT/ACT) that is concordant with passing scores on FCAT.

If you are yet to complete any of these requirements, make sure you see your guidance counselor ASAP. Graduation is right around the corner, and the semester will be over before you know it. Don’t waste any more time. Get moving Chiefs!

c/o 2015 Woohoo!