Summer Quest for a Cheaper College


courtesy of Palmbeachstate,edu

Yudibel Ortiz, Staff Writer

For those eager high school seniors who want to rush into the college experience and want a jump start into their futures, PalmBeach State College is offering a scholarship program called Summer Quest. Summer Quest has replaced the Fast Break/Bridge Scholarship program. The class and credits earned in this course will be used towards the required SLS 1501 course and books.

The Summer Quest Scholarship is offered to to students with a high school diploma or a GED recipient from May 2014-April 2015. Students must enroll in the college as a A.A. or A.S. degree-seeking student. They must also take Introduction to the College Experience during the Summer B term 2015. Lastly, they must meet Florida residency requirements.

To apply and for more information you can visit this website. There is a $40 dollar application fee for the program and students will need to submit their SAT, ACT, and PERT test scores.