Prom King and Queen Nomination Forms are Now Available


Ana Lara-Cruz, Staff Writer

Prom king and queen nomination forms are now available in the main office for seniors who wish to be in the Prom Court. Candidates must be a boy and girl and must obtain 50 signatures from the senior class by the deadline of March 10th. Also, the candidates should also get signatures from teachers as well.

Physical campaigning is not permitted on campus. That includes posters, banners, flyers, cupcakes and etc. The official Prom court will only be allowed to wear the sash that they will be provided with on Friday, March 13th or Monday, March 23rd. Candidates must also have a GPA of 2.5 or higher and a satisfactory discipline record for the current school year. Also, students who have been previously elected for Homecoming Queen or King are not eligible for consideration.

King and queen elections will take place on Thursday, March 26th. Seniors who wish to vote must bring their Prom ticket receipt and ID when going to vote.