Viewers May Start Paying for YouTube

Angelina Garcia, Staff Writer

Since its creation, YouTube has gone through many changes. The layout has been changed a countless number of times (and to be changing again), and Google Plus has become a mandatory part of YouTube. Not everyone is very happy with that due to various reasons, such as navigation difficulties and lack of personalization. Now, Google is planning on introducing another possibly controversial addition to YouTube: paid subscriptions.

The subscription service will allow viewers to bypass ads on their videos for a monthly fee. This kind of revenue is said to be putting YouTube in competition with streaming services such as Hulu, and of course, Netflix. It also keeps revenue from strictly coming from advertising, despite their 2013 introduction of being able to rent or buy movies.

Google sent out a letter to YouTube partners, explaining that their terms are going to have to be updated for the new addition, and that it’s “taking another big step in favor of choice.”

“It’s an exciting year for YouTube, as we push ourselves into uncharted territories,” said the letter. “But we continue to be guided by a desire to deliver the choices fans want and the revenue you need.”

The service is expected to be coming out later this year, and there has been no official announcements in regards to the cost of the monthly fee.