Why the Vending Machines are Closed at Lunch

Casey McDuffie and Sergio Lopez

If you rely on the vending machines for lunch, you’re now out of luck.

There are questions as to why the vending machines get turned off at lunch, but the real reason is that they “compete” with the cafeteria.

“It is either a state of Florida rule or a district rule,” said Mr. Krupa. “But the district doesn’t want outside sources competing with the cafeteria.”

Students can get frustrated because they feel the vending machines have specific foods and drinks that aren’t available in the cafeteria, and some don’t want to wait in the long lines.

“Personally, I like something quick and easy,” said Hannah Friedman, a senior. “The lunch lines are packed so the fact that they turn them [vending machines] off makes eating lunch complicated.”

Even though the vending machines get turned off, at least there’s a new cafeteria with some different lunch options.